The following is being written in the spring of 1999, starting at our winter home in Donna, Texas. I have no idea when, if ever, I'll get finished. It is the result of my having received a book, TO OUR CHILDREN'S CHILDREN, as a gift from my sister, Margie. This book is written as a series of questions and I am endeavoring to answer them in sequence, skipping some now and then. It is my hope that the persons who someday read this will have a better understanding of what life was like growing up in Kansas in the middle of the 20th century.

Lawrence Strouts Autobiography

A story of 70 years on the Strouts’ family farm in Morris County, Kansas 1935-2005 AD By Lawrence Russell Strouts

Copyright-all rights reserved

Farming Facts & Fables

Written by L. Strouts, Nov 1999 (This the story of the eagle clutching the diamond on the necklace that I wear.)

The Story of Brave Eagle